A Pledge of Silence

Flora J. Solomon

History on the Web

A Brief History of the American Red Cross

Founded in 1881 by Clara Barton, the American Red Cross is the nation’s premier humanitarian organization.

The Women’s Army Corps: A Commemoration of World War II Service

Judith A. Bellafaire. U.S. Army Center of Military History Publication 72-15

HyperWar: a Hypertext History of the Second World War

The site includes thousands of pages covering every aspect of World War II, and hundreds of hyperlinks to other sources. The content consists primarily of official documents produced by various agencies of the United States government

Pictures and Videos

Nurses in WWII

A collection of photos of nurses who served in World War II.

Pictorial History of the Second World War: A Photographic Record of all Theaters of Action Arranged Chronically

This five-volume set contains several hundred pictures of World War II arranged in chronological order. The above URL links to Volume One. To see other volumes, follow this link then change /v1.html to v2.html, etc.

John T. Pilot’s photostream

A pilot, photographer and collector John Tewell has amassed an impressive number of vintage photographs showing pre and post war life in the Philippines

Victims of Circumstance

A definitive two hour film, produced by Lou Gopal and Michelle Bunn, depicting life behind the walls of Santo Tomas Internment Camp, described in old photographs, film footage and personal interviews of survivors. Available on DVD.

We All Came Home

A 30 minute documentary about the World War II U.S. Army and Navy nurses who served in the Philippines and were held for three years as prisoners of war by the Japanese.The film includes interviews/oral histories with several of the ex-POW nurses.

Further Reading

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